A Bitcoin Cash enabled podcast player to combat self-censorship.

Content creators are increasingly applying self-censorship for fear of losing sponsors or otherwise being demonetized.

The Podcash app has been specifically designed to overcome this by giving podcast owners the ability to monetize their shows in a decentralized, permission-less way through Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The player in the app allows listeners to support your podcast by streaming BCH, ideal for long format podcasts, or sending Boosts (a one-time donation) directly to your BCH wallet.

Let's see that in action:

Boosting 0.0075 BCH (~1 USD) to an episode of "The Bitcoin Cash Podcast"

How do I enable this for my podcast?

Just add a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address to your episode's description and let us know the name of your podcast so we can highlight it in the app, that's it!

If you need a bit more guidance follow the steps below.

  1. Get a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet.

    For both Android and iOS the Bitcoin.com wallet or the Bitpay Wallet are excellent choices. If you prefer desktop environments (Windows/Mac/Linux) the Electron Cash wallet is highly recommended.
    The wallet will guide you through setting up your first wallet, once created proceed to the next step.

  2. Generate a receiving address and add it to your episode's description.

    Tap the 'Receive' button in your BCH wallet, it will show you the QR-code and the actual receiving address that starts with: bitcoincash:...

    Copy the entire BCH address and paste it anywhere your like in the episode's description. You should do this for every episode you want to monetize through the Podcash player. It's recommended to generate a new receiving address for every episode so you can easily keep track of earnings per episode, but that's not strictly necessary.

  3. Done!

    Send us a message so we can highlight your podcast in the Podcash app. Next, let your listeners know about this new way of supporting your podcast and encourage them to listen through Podcash.